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OTC Trading

Transacting large quantities of Bitcoins (“BTC”) or other crypto coin assets can be a complex and time consuming process to undertake successfully. Many British banks are reluctant to facilitate these types of transactions as crypto assets and many of the exchanges sit outside the present regulatory framework. 

Our highly experienced team of OTC brokers, traders, and crypto specialists work with the best liquidity providers, OTC desks and exchanges to source the best pricing and to fulfil the execution requirements of clients in a timely fashion. Our range of services & process allows us to transact across a full spectrum of deal structures and client requirements with maximum discretion, confidence, and security.

Whilst cryptocurrencies are treated as unregulated instruments we adhere to strict KYC and AML policies and treat every transaction in accordance with  Anti Money Laundering Directive 4 and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).** All approaches use regulated frameworks and entities, from direct on-boarding of clients through our FCA regulated partners to specialised escrow services that can be used to ensure proper due diligence is undertaken and to mitigate the risk of any Counter Party issues and to safeguard against transactional default.

We work hard to ensure that all principals are positioned to transact and counter-parties can execute their warranties and any indemnities sought and are fit and proper. Our cybersecurity team protect all internal systems and have designed seamless and secure transfer processes and wallet technology. We work with leading forensic partners for proof of coin to ensure all coins we trade are approve and safe. We also have relations with mining companies to provide clients with freshly mined coins. 

** Should we become suspicious or have any indication of illicit activity, non-compliance, unlawful behaviour or malpractice arise we will report this to the relevant authorities. We will only engage directly with principals or their mandated representatives or pre-qualified intermediaries.

It provides accredited investors with an intelligent and regulation ready product with medium to long-term exposure to cryptocurrency.  



Account opening KYC identification requirements:



● Proof of ID - government issued document (passport, drivers licence ... etc)

● Proof of Address - bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 3 months


● Incorporation certificate

● Register of directors

● Register of ultimate beneficiaries (shareholders)

● Individual KYC documents for directors engaging with

● Individual KYC documents for any ultimate beneficiary with 25% interest or


KYC Process

1. Client sends us the identification requirements for the individual and corporation

2. LEGACY forward the documents onto our compliance team for clearance

3. If this is rejected, we request for further clarification or missing information

4. Compliance gives clearance on all company and individual documentation

5. LEGACY confirms your account is open to trade

Trade Process – RFQ Orders

1. Client sends Request For Quote (RFQ), in writing

2. LEGACY delivers trade quotation to Client

3. Client accepts quotation

4. LEGACY sends confirmation of trade and settlement instructions via email

5. Client delivers funds/crypto to LEGACY

6. LEGACY confirms receipt and then delivers corresponding funds/crypto to Client

Trade Process – Worked orders

1. Client and LEGACY agree parameters of the order

2. Client delivers funds/crypto to LEGACY

3. LEGACY executes the order in the market and sends confirmation of trade(s) to Client

4. LEGACY delivers corresponding funds/crypto to Client


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